Clifton Tank Pull 25 June 2017

The AOH is a proud supporter of the Clifton Tank Pull and our own Passaic 16 Division President John Hughes, is also a member of the Clifton KofC and is the State Chairman of the Tank Pull. The Tank Pull Challenge is a physical test of endurance, as competitors must make a determined effort to overcome the impossible odds of moving an immovable object – an 80,000 pound tank mounted on a flatbed truck. The clarion call for the competitor is take up the challenge and overcome the impossible!

Taking part in the Tank Pull Competition benefits the veterans and particularly the Wounded Warriors financially and materially, and ensures that their service will not be forgotten. In the past six years, the event has raised over $905,000 for wounded warriors.

How do you participate?

  1. Assemble a team of 20 members and elect a captain.
  2. Select a name for the team and determine the team’s fund-raising goal.
  3. Register your team online.

All Tank Pull event communication shall be managed through the Team Captain via email. ALL TEAMS must submit the minimum $1500 by June 12, 2017 in order to compete, get a pre-assigned Tank Pull Time and receive a Tank Pull Team T-Shirt.