Right to Life

Welcoming the Unborn “Stranger” Among Us:

Recent issues of both Time and Newsweek seem to point to a majority of Americans finally coming around to realize that life begins at conception.  Of course, this has been the teaching of the Catholic Church all along.  One can only hope this is a sign that American society may be beginning to welcome the “stranger” who is the infant in the womb to the category of human personhood, acknowledging the human dignity and civil rights denied the infant in the womb by Roe v. Wade in 1973.

Roe v. Wade made the fetus out to be a predator, a threat to family happiness, another potential mouth to feed who might hamper the health and well being of other family members already there.  There would simply not be enough food and clothing and square footage of housing space to accommodate one more human being.  The infant in the womb, the stranger in our midst, must go.


God, our Father, You are the author of life and the defender and protector of the innocent and defenseless human life in the womb.  Help us to welcome that most unwelcome of strangers in our American society, the innocent unborn.  Help us, Lord, to see children as the joy of our lives…not hindrances, enemies, obstacles, or strangers.